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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> in the cbs broadcast center
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in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> i can drown a drink of water and kill a dead tree. wait until you see muhammad ali. >> and saw him we d muhammad ali the greatest boxer whoever lived captivated the world with his amazing skill, larger than life personality and unyielding commitment to civil rights and tonight we're remembering the legend who passed away at the age of 74. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. ali died in an arizona hospital surrounded by his family. the champ was an artist between the ropes bringing speed and grace never before seen among heavy weight boxers but it was his actions outside of the sport that will truly come to define his life and tonight we're remembering an american original. diane vault called muhammad ali louisville can end ken's the greatest. >> he was for all people. >> reporter: she told us
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she'll never forget what an honor it was to meet him not once but twice. >> he just was the sweetest man i ever meant. >> reporter: she was one of a steady stream of fans who left cars and flowers outside the muhammad ali center. ali died friday night in phoenix arizona after suffering from respiratory problems. he battled parkinson's disease for decades. jimmy isaac fought back tears as he remembered the boxing 11 gent. >> with all the violence, killings, muhammad ali doesn't want all that. >> reporter: this memorial built in his honor newspaper a celebration of his life that impacted fans far beyond this city. born cassius clay ali changed his name converted to islam and then refused to serve in the vietnam war. it was a decision that saw him exiled. >> he started as one of the most despised and hated men in the country and our children
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need to know the real story. everybody was not on ali's side. >> reporter: basketball great kareem abdul-jabbar who faced criticism for his conversion to islam counted ali as a men to. i may be seven-two but i never felt taller than when standing in his shadow. >> i'm the greatest. i'm a poet. i'm a movie star. i'm a actor. i'm a fighter and most of all, i'm pretty. >> reporter: ali wasn't known for his humility. long before he became a three-time heavy weight champion, he knew he was destined for greatness. he was beloved around the world and in a "60 minutes" interview with ed bradley his wife described his connection with fans. we have asked muhammad -- actually the offish shan't if wif we could get astamp to makeh
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and he wouldn't have it. >> fans are paying tribute to the icon. ali's star is the only one that hangs on a wall rather than embedded in the ground with the others. if 2002 ali said he bears name of prophet mohammed and he won't allow people to trample over his name. ali's daughter meantime released a statement on her father's passing reading in part "our hearts are literally hurting but we are so happy daddy is free now. we all tried to stay strong and whispered in his ear you can go now. we will be okay. we love you. thank you. you can go back to god ." one of ali's rivals in the ring george foreman spoke earlier today about why ali was unlike any other opponent he'd ever faced. >> he'd get to the ring and you weren't fighting a boxer. you weren't fighting a slugger. you were having to contend with the presence of one of the greatest human beings that i've ever met in my life.
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>> foreman and ali famously squared off in 1974 in zaire for the super fight dubbed the rumble in the jungle. ali knocked foreman out in the eighth round of that fight. one of ali's foes turned long time friend was the lehigh valley's own larry holmes the eastern assassin took on the greatest. alexandria hoff talked to holmes and local boxers about muhammad ali's life and legacy. >> (bells tolling). >> reporter:. >> a final 10 count marked what seems to be the conclusion of wanty one grand and glorious fight except it's really only beginning for those who have learned what it means to be great. >> definitely a lot of practice and a lot of hard work. >> reporter: by sheer coincidence an annual community day was held at the joe hand gym on spring garden street where the legacy of
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muhammad ali was celebrated. >> he set such a high mark just not only in boxing just life period. >> the fight was won before you goat in there because he intimidated a lot of people. >> reporter: only five men ever managed to defeat muhammad ali, one of them being philadelphia resident joe frazier. another larry holmes who we traveled to meet. >> the first time i hear him swear called me every name in the book and i -- and -- then i figured out he trying to get to me. >> reporter: but he could not. on october 2nd, 1980, holmes defeated ali after 10 dominating rounds. >> as a man, i said i love you anyway, man. he said well if you love me then why you beat me up then? and he was still cracking jokes. >> reporter: holmes says that while he was in the ring he was concerned about hurting his friend and pled with ali to call it quits. though holmes won that night on this day the loss is all his. >> it's a sad damn day, sad damn day. >> reporter: back at the gym
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the good fight continues under the watchful eye of muhammad ali. alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, muhammad ali changed the game of boxing from day one. boxers at schumer memorial gym in west philadelphia will are proud of the impact ali made. his humanitarian efforts outside the ring earned him honor after honor including the liberty medal in 2012 at the national constitution center right here in philadelphia. >> he stood up in africa, everywhere for black people. >> he's not an athlete. he's part of american history. he's the civil rights movement basically. >> the boxers say they all wanted to be like muhammad ali. >> they all respect him so, so much. >> absolutely. >> he had so many great fights but his trilogy against joe frazier is regarded as the best in the sport. joe took the first with ali winning the final two
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including that epic thriller in manila. tonight we caught up with joe hand senior '84. he used his relationship to show many of ali's fights on pay per view television. he said he made time for people. >> didn't bother him, he would be showing them a magic trick and i always remember when it was training camp and i used to bring a lot of youngsters there and he'd tell the kids, i'm so fast, when i go to bed at night and i turn the switch off, before the light goes off, i'm in bed. >> he was very, very fast. >> coming up we'll hear more reaction from the sports world but, yes, he was the best. >> so many heartwarming stories coming in. thank you lesley. exclusive tonight at 11:00 as well, ali like you have never seen him before. a local fan is sharing very
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precious mementoes with us. trang do has the story. >> reporter: original photos of muhammad ali even the greatest himself had never seen are hanging in craig fforchet tea's home. >> i said sure and he came -- feet towed me in the gym 'cause i used to work out all the time. >> reporter: later that week the same photographer a friend of the boxing legend took photos of ali at dear lake schuylkill county. the photographer mixed up the feet tomorrow's ali let him keep them. >> the pictures you'll see they're the only ones that were ever made by this guy that gave them to me. even muhammad doesn't have the pictures. i have a gym down here and i hang them up there to give me inspiration. >> reporter: he also has the negatives to about 40 photos ali.
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the photos hanging in his home gym are the only copies ever developed. in new hope bucks county, i'm trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> and muhammad ali spent some time in our area. he lived in this cherry hill camden county home for several years in the early 70's. the home is now up for sale for about $700,000. former president bill clinton meantime will deliver a eulogy for ali at a service friday in louisville along with bryant gumbel and comedian billy crystal. today clinton remembered ali's legacy during a speech in california. >> the time he died, who he was as a person was greater than his legends which should be all of our goal in life you want to be better than your publicity. >> president obama tweeted a tribute to ali today. "he shook up the world and the world's better for it. rest in peace, champ ." michael j somewhere fox who also battles parkinson's called ali an inspiration a
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man of peace and a warrior for the cure. he ended his tweet with a simple thank you. stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue top remember muhammad ali. you can get the very latest on our web site >> ♪ as "eyewitness news" continues tonight we are tracking some pretty severe storms. lauren. >> yeah, we started off the weekend with some sunshine and now eyes focused on the severe weather potential for our sunday. i'll time out the storms in your full forecast coming up next. >> with the california and new jersey primaries looming the candidates make a last minute push for votes. the barb they trade on the campaign trail. we're going to take you inside wizard world comicon. it was exciting. stick around everyone. we're back in a moment.
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>> welcome back every un. it is the final weekend of campaigning for the presidential candidates before primaries are held in new jersey and california and at least four other states as well. in california democratic frontrunner hillary clinton focused her attacks on donald trump calling his trump university a scam. in an interview airing tomorrow on face the nation, donald trump, the presumptive republican nominee said clinton should go to jail over the e-mail scandal and bernie sanders says he has a shot at winning california. >> in my view, if the voter turnout is high, we will win california. >> he says climate change is a chinese hoax. sort of sounds like trump university if you ask me. it wasn't really a school. it wasn't accredited. it was a scam. >> she's guilty of the server. she's guilty if you look at confidential information i mean all of the information that probably has got 10 out all over the world and then
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you know what she's also guilty of stupidity and bad judgment. >> you can see more of the trump interview on face the nation tomorrow morning at 10:30 right here on cbs3. the new jersey primary is just three days away. stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage as voters in the garden state head to the polls. there are now 51 days until the democratic national convention begins right here in philadelphia. go to for a look at all the preparations that are currently under way. and an american hero received a surprise decades in the making. it's a heartwarming story. "eyewitness news" at graduation party here for 89-year-old charles newman in southampton bucks county. today the world war ii veteran finally received his high school diploma. newman dropped out of roman catholic high school to join the navy and he never received his diploma and says he always regretted it. the twilight wish foundation made today's graduation come
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true. now beyoncé is supporting music programs in the philadelphia school district before her big concert at lincoln financial field. dozens of volunteers created music themed literacy kits also painted peaian notice for local elementary school students. "eyewitness news" in south philadelphia today. the united way partnered with beyoncé's bey good initiative to bring attention to the connection between learning and music. and pop culture fans meantime flocking to the pennsylvania convention center this weekend for the wizard world's comic cohn. thousands and thousands of folks out there, stars from some of your favorite sci-fi shows and superhero movies are in town. among them, thor's chris hemsworth, x files star david duchovny and michael j. fox from back to the future. also appearing steven amell star of the hit cw show arrow. amell says he's learned a lot about his character. >> i've learned a lot about oliver and i've enjoyed the fact that -- that you know,
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he's had a journey and is not the same guy that we met in the pilot episode. it's been really, really fun to play a character for that long and just to learn new things about him every year. >> amell is also starring in teenaged mutant ninja turtles two. that's in theaters right now and i was there at an event with steven amell. very myself man i must say. >> looks like he's a very nice person. >> very nice indeed . >> [laughter] >> lauren's like call me. [laughter] >> you should have told me. i would have put in a word. anyway, we have to get ready. >> that's okay. >> focus, focus. it's about the weather and severe weather coming our way. >> severe weather coming for tomorrow. we got some sunshine in today but things getting pretty dramatic as we head into the day tomorrow way strong cold front moving through. things pretty quiet as we get a live look at center city philadelphia. clouds starting to roll in. temperatures right now 72 degrees winds out of the southwest at about 9 miles an
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hour giving as you light breeze. temperatures we have a little bit of a gradient still very mild in the lehigh valley, 77 degrees right now. down the shore though temperature in the mid to upper 60's and dewpoints they have dropped back a little bit over the last couple hours. in philadelphia a dewpoint at 60 degrees. you might have noticed the difference in the atmosphere. feels a little bit more comfortable. that unfortunately is not going to be the case tomorrow with dewpoints shooting up to near the 70-degree mark and that's thanks to the southerly component to our wind flow. we can see our south winds in our live neighborhood network, the southerly component to our wind flow will continue to drive the moisture in and give us a saturated atmosphere as that cold front comes in tomorrow. overnight scattered showers and thundershowers mainly light dropping back to 68 degrees. for the day tomorrow the trend is going to be for thunderstorm activity both in the morning afternoon and evening but the main time frame of concern is going to be the late afternoon and evening hours when we could see strong to potentially severe storms. right now we're just dealing
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with light showers. storm scan3 showing us quiet conditions philadelphia south jersey but up to the north and west seeing some shower activity starting to approach the poconos, showers in and around berks county but much more activity just off to our south and west, strong thunderstorms rolling through parts of virginia right now in association with a warm front that is connected to this cold front that is going to be moving through our area as we head into the day tomorrow, so a large portion of the midatlantic will be affected by this potential severe weather tomorrow and the delaware valley in an enhanced risk of severe weather tomorrow so that's fairly rare for us, third on the tier, five tiers there so something we'll is to keep a close eye on tomorrow. severe storms possible, most concerning time frame is going to be from about 4 o'clock to about 10 o'clock in the evening. these storms will move from west to east across the delaware valley. i think city timing that shrine going move through sometime between 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock. we'll see heavy rain and strong winds as the main threat but we'll see a whole host of threats. heavy rain, frequent lightning
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possible. we could see hail up to quarter size and we have an isolated tornado threat in soaks with some of this weather. future weather showing us as we head into the overnight period most of the activity concentrated north and west of the city. tomorrow morning we'll kind of see a scattered shower or thunderstorm activity into the early afternoon, the activity starts to pick up as we get into the heat of the day and then once that cold front nears we're going to see this line of strong and potentially severe storms develop first to the west so that's the 4 o'clock hour and continuing to race east as we head into the early evening hours arriving in the city and surrounding counties and then moving down the shore as we head into the second half of the evening, 8, 9, 10 o'clock and by midnight tomorrow night i think we're totally in the clear but that is a time we're going to have to keep an eye to the sky and keep yourself aware of the changing weather situation. of course we'll have any warnings as needed. monday on the backside of this system things turning much more pleasant 83 trees but humidity drops off breezy turning sunny and midweek next
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week looks very nice, temperatures falling back into the middle 70's. very low humidity particularly on wednesday. by june standards thursday, friday all look very nice as well so a quiet week. just have to get through the hump tomorrow. >> nasty weather. thank you very much, lauren. appreciate it. so many tributes pouring in from the sports world about muhammad ali. >> muhammad ali meant so much to tomorrow so many people. what did he mean to steph curry and lebron james? they'll tell us. could the phillies offense show up for a second str
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>> lesley so many stories coming in about muhammad ali. everybody's got a personal connection. >> he was the greatest, he absolutely was. muhammad ali a legend not just in sport but in life and in the boxing world, yes, he was the self proclaimed greatest spending his entire career living up to billing. he could float like a butterfly sting like a bee but it was his influence outside the ring, his words, not
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punches, actions not just the knockouts that made him the greatest of all time. fellow boxer bernard hopkins says he didn't always agree with him but you have to respect him because he was a cut above all the rest. >> he was the face for the sport. i think what ray robinson did for the sport, what joe frazier did for the support, everybody contribute to the support but what he did to get the sport recognized, that's what i can tell you. what ali did for the sport is what he doing right now, even when he passed away. talking about it. >> well, muhammad ali last fought in 1981. 35 years later his greatness in and out of the ring still shapes today's athletes. nba stars steph curry and lebron james talked about what he meant to them. >> ali was the example of how you use your platform and speak what you believe and no matter what people will say and he gives -- look at him as a sense of confidence in that regard for sure.
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>> that's the guy who stood up for so many different things throughout times where it was so difficult for african-americans to even walk in the streets and for an athlete like myself today, without muhammad ali i wouldn't be sitting up here talking in front of you guys. >> now to baseball. the phillies taking on the brewers this afternoon at the ban. the fightans offense came to life last night scoring six runs to end a seven game losing streak. pete mackanin hoping the offense will show up again. phillies down one-nothing. todd joseph continuing to impress. solo homer to center field and we are tied. later in the inning one on for cesar hernandez. second base showing some power. this is a two run homer his first in over a year. fightans take a three to one lead. to the eighth we go game is tied santana getting the best of hector nares.
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brewers take game three of the series. >> you don't give away a batch. looks like sometimes we get two strikes on us and you see some flailing at swings. good hitters you don't see that. they battle, they lay off the bad pitches. we just have to learn off the pitches we can't hit and capitalize on the mistakes over the plate. >> to tennis where for the second time garbiñe muir ruse is a has beaten serena williams. this time it was the championship match. this puts to end serena's record tieing bid to win her 22nd world championship. >> massive water slide shuts down a city street and guess what, it's coming to philly. i was just asking about that and my wish came true.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. back now on "eyewitness news" with a water slide so big it actually shut down an entire city street. my kind of slide. this monster slide is in reno nevada right now. it stands 1,000 feet, more than three football fields. the slide showed up today, perfect timing since it was 90 degrees out there which is probably quite cool for nevada. this attraction is called slide the city and mark your
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calendars it's coming to philly august 6th if they can work it out with the city. >> oh. >> somebody get the mayor bowser on th
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>> well, that's "eyewitness news" tonight. i'm natasha brown for lesley lauren all of us here we appreciate you joining you us. if you're up early join our morning team starting at 6:00 a.m. we're always on have a good night everyone.
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danny: first murder of the week and in broad daylight. i love this city. hey. what are we looking at here? john hudson, 39 years old. took one in to the head, one in the chest. looks like a .45 casing, partner. any surveillance cameras? this ain't times square. what's with the jacket? kid over there covered him. michael hudson. he's the only witness. it's the victim's son. (sighs) hang tight. (indistinct radio transmission) michael? my name's detective reagan. this is my partner, detective baez. we're here to help you. you gonna help get my dad back? well, if you can help us out here and tell us what you saw, i give you my word we'll do everything we can


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